Ben Perini
I’m a self-taught artist. 
Growing up in Brooklyn, my aesthetic was shaped by the great museums of New York City. This early art passion led to a lifelong career as a professional illustrator — a career that has spanned great shifts in technology, from traditional techniques involving drawing and painting to cutting edge digital processes. My craft has benefited greatly from this practice of creating art everyday.

Now I enjoy bringing it back to where it started. Drawing has always been fundamental to my work as an artist. Primarily for the practice of art, exploring ideas, or prepping for paintings. Current works make a natural step forward in my art where the drawing has become the main act. These drawings – charcoal and white chalk on paper – are focused on environmental, political, and cultural themes, mostly represented in fictional portraits. I make use of my traditional draftsman skills and my eye for striking imagery – for what I refer to as visual poetry.


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